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Do you know The Mohawk Guy
The Mohawk Guy
The Mohawk Guy
Do you know The Mohawk Guy
Who lives in pic G4?

The original caption attached to his picture reads “One of these guys has a butt-plug in. Guess which one.”

Maybe it’s the maniacal grin, the bugged-out eyes, the ridiculous yellow cotton-candy Mohawk. Maybe it’s the fact that all of the other band members look like unremarkably standard-issue frat dudes. Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever it is, picking out the butt-plug user is fairly simple. It’s got to be “The Mohawk Guy”.

“TMG” has become something of an unofficial mascot for RRC. The quintessential douchebag, as it were. The douchebag by which all other douchebags are measured.

When we began scouring the World Wide Web for douchebags, we ransacked so many websites it was impossible to keep track of what picture came from which site. Our methods were haphazard, but simple: Find a site, get to the photo section, find a good picture and get the hell out. We didn’t wait around for the clever Javascript “Rippling Water” effects, the letters spelling the band’s name following our cursors around or, God forbid, the interminable Flash intro. By the time RRC launched last year, whichever website we pilfered TMG’s image from was lost in the ether and the picture had been assigned a typically nondescript file name: “g4.jpg” .

So, as RRC’s one-year anniversary approaches, we thought it would be a hoot to find out just who the man behind the mohawk is. Well, taken literally, that would be the guy behind TMG in the picture, but you know what we mean. That’s where you come in. Do you know TMG? Have you seen his band? Did you play soccer with him? Wait tables with him? Play in a band with him? We want to know his story.

Tell us what you know about The Mohawk Guy by dropping us a line here. And be prepared to prove it, too. We've been faked out enough in the past, thank you very much. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do a profile on him in time for our gala one-year anniversary celebration.


Thanks to a bunch of you, The Mohawk Guy has been located. In fact, TMG himself wrote us a nice email. The email was promptly lost, so TMG, if you're out there, drop us another line. Turns out our man TMG is yet another St. Louis musician. His original Daily Douchebag shot is of an old band. He has since parted ways with said band and continues to make music despite the fact that he is married.

Once TMG contacts us (again), we'll do a full-scale profile on him.


Many readers wrote in offering help in our Mohawk Guy hunt. When it was all over, we'd heard from half of St. Louis and TMG himself. So, what's the story with our favorite douchebag?

We’ll just call him TMG since he’s a family man and all. As we mentioned, TMG lives in St. Louis. The infamous "butt-plug" picture was taken of an old ska band of his several years ago. Of all of the emails we got regarding TMG, not one contained negative word about him. He is, by all accounts, a swell dude. We finally heard from him a few weeks back. Sadly, his email was lost due to a short caused by a buildup of manbatter on the RRC computer. His email is paraphrased from memory as follows:

"Dear RRC,

You guys have the greatest website in the history of the Internet. I am honored to be a part of it. As you may have already heard, I am a musician living in St. Louis. I am married with a child and play in a punk band called BetterHalf. As I said, your site is comedy genius and people should send you money and naked pictures.

Oh yeah, send me some money for using my image all over your site, ya cheap fucks.

Love and Hugs,

The Mohawk Guy"

So, there you have it. Anticlimactic? Absolutely. Pointless? You betcha. Fun? Sort of.

Stay tuned for the next Douchebag Hunt. Maybe we'll try to find "Soccer Tits."

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