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The Beautiful Pee Pee

Marilyn MansonIrrelevant shock-rocker Marilyn Manson has been charged with assault stemming from an incident during a July 20th performance where Manson allegedly rubbed his genital area on a security guard's head during a performance in Clarkston, Michigan. According to Oakland County prosecutors, Manson has been charged with felony fourth degree criminal sexual misconduct and misdemeanor assault and battery. The prosecutor's statement charged that Manson, clad only in a G-string approached security guard Joshua Keasler from behind while rubbing his own genitals, spat on Keasler's head, then wrapped his legs around Keasler's neck and rubbed his genitals on Keasler's head. Keasler said, in a statement released Friday that "If Manson was just some regular dude instead of a homo rock star, I would have snapped his spine. I've taken dumps bigger than that freak. I'd like to see that geek try to rub his dick on me when he's not on stage. I'd rip his leg off and beat him with it."

While Manson has been known to rub his genitals on men in the past, prior to this incident, it has been in private and usually for money or drugs. In the highly unlikely event that Manson would be convicted of the charges, he would spend up to two years in prison. Regarding the charges, Manson's publicist said "We're just pleased as punch to be back on the front page. We've been out of sight for a while but we're back, baby! You hear that Eminem? Yeah!"

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Today In Rock History

Elvis PresleyIn a career move that could arguably be classified as his greatest, Elvis Presley died on this date in 1977 in his Memphis home at age 42. At the time of his death, Presley's musical career was at its nadir. Presley played to half empty venues on the dinner club circuit and Las Vegas in the last years of his life. Today, thanks to revisionist historians and kitsch-happy Gen X-ers to whom Presley is little more than a Mickey Mouse mascot for "cool", "The King" is more popular than ever. Not bad for a drug-addled, ignorant hillbilly with an Oedipus complex who surrounded himself with half-wits and sycophants and never wrote a lick of music.

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Will Solo For Food

Ace FrehleyAccording to Kissasylum.com, guitarist Ace Frehley is no longer with the band. However, it may be a technicality, says the site. "Ace is no longer in KISS because, at this point, there is no KISS." With the Australian leg of their "Farewell Tour" over, the band has no firm commitments for future shows. Frehley's contract with the band has apparently been fulfilled and the band will need to renegotiate with Frehley for any future dates. "Ace is moving forward with a solo career" said the site. While details of Frehley's contract were a closely guarded secret, RRC has learned that Frehley was paid $350.00 per concert and a daily stipend of $40.00 for food by the KISS corporation. It has been widely speculated that Frehley may move on to a higher paying job such as playing guitar for Uriah Heep or managing an Arby's.

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A Rapper? Arrested? The Hell, You Say!

Junior MafiaJunior M.A.F.I.A. members Lil' Cease and Larceny have been charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting outside a New York deli on Friday, according to the King's County District Attorney's office. The two men were arrested at La Guardia Airport in Queens, N.Y., following the arrest of Suif Jackson, a bodyguard for the group. Police had seen Jackson exiting a vehicle that had been identified by witnesses as being at the scene of the shooting. The arrests have sent shockwaves through the tight-knit New York hip-hop community. "I can't believe that Cease and Larceny would do such a thing!" said hip-hop promoter Michael Green. "I mean, this kind of thing doesn't happen in the rap game. Rock and roll, sure, maybe country music, but gun violence in hip-hop is unheard of! I mean TuPac, Biggie, Shyne, Puff, Snoop, Dre, ODB, Suge Knight, that guy from Bone ThugZ, those were all isolated incidents. They had nothing to do with hip-hop."

The shooting victim, Michael Goody, was wounded in his right leg and taken to Brooklyn Hospital where he remains in stable condition. Goody was allegedly arguing in the deli with Cease, Larceny, and Jackson prior to the shooting. According to witnesses, Goody had "disrespected" one of the men by glancing at him in a "disrespectful manner". Shortly afterward, the three men allegedly fired off several shots and sped off. Fortunately for Goody, the shooters were unable to hit him more than once due to their unorthodox sideways-grip shooting style.

All three men were charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon (two 9 mm handguns were found in the vehicle), and attempted criminal possession of a weapon. The trio will next appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Aug. 29 to face the charges.

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What's Next? Survivor On Survivor?

JourneyAn August 15th concert by Uber-Schmaltz band, Journey, will serve as the backdrop for a taping of the television show Blind Date. A couple will attend the concert and meet the band as part of the reality-based program. "A lot of our songs have inspired dates" said vocalist Steve "Not Perry" Augeri. "We want to urge people to hold on to that fee-leh-ee-eh-yen and being a part of this show will help us do that." The couple will reportedly be "polar opposites", according to the show's producer. "One will be just a small-town girl, preferably living in a lonely world and the other will be a city boy, born and raised in the south Detroit area, I believe." No air date has been set for the episode.

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