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Watch Out Ladies! The Starchild Is On The Prowl!

Thor and Paul StanleyCo-founder of the legendary rock band KISS and confirmed bachelor, Paul Stanley, has been busy since the band wrapped up the Australian leg of their farewell tour. "I've been traveling and relaxing with all my special lady-friends around the world." said the recently divorced Stanley. When asked what it felt like to be a free man after being married, Stanley replied "I'm like a kid in a candy store! So many fine ladies and so little time! I've been all over the country on a sort of coast-to-coast lovin' marathon! You name it, I've been there, San Francisco, Miami, Fire Island, I've got ladies in every port."

The spry fifty-year old shows no signs of slowing down. "A lot of men my age need Viagra, but when I see a fine female form, that's all I need! I love hot women!"

Stanley was recently spotted out on the town with his good buddy, Thor. (above. Click for larger picture) "Yep, just us poon-hounds out looking for some tail! Man, I love hot women!" said Stanley. Mothers, lock up your daughters, Paul Stanley's on the loose!

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How's Ricky Rat Poison?

Carl CrackAtari Teenage Riot cofounder, Carl Crack, died on September 6th, according to ATR's label, Digital Hardcore Recordings. Crack's body was discovered in his Berlin apartment, the victim of an apparent overdose. Initial toxicology reports indicate that Crack had alcohol and various pills in his system. No word yet on whether he had indulged in his namesake drug.

The remaining members of ATR are reportedly despondent over the loss of their co-leader. "Sure, the irony isn't lost on me" said ATR bassist Paul PlaneCrash, "I mean, he OD'ed and his name was Crack."

Drummer Joseph Jarts said that Crack had been "happier than ever the last time I saw him. He and Roger (Rabid Raccoon - Ed.) had been writing together in hopes of recording in the winter."

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Mariah Plays Melody Cool

Mariah CareyMariah Carey attended a sneak preview of her film "Glitter" with radio contest winners Thursday night. Carey, looking rested and resplendent, sat in the middle of the theater, surrounded by handlers and bodyguards. Overall, the reaction to the film, which has been called by some "The "Graffiti Bridge" of the new millennium", was positive.

"Well, have you ever had a friend who played you some of their music or showed you a sculpture of theirs" said contest winner Angie Buttons of the positive reaction to the film "and you think it blows, but you don't want to hurt their feelings, so you say it's good? It was like that." Buttons continued "If Mariah hadn't been there, we probably would have laughed at all the wrong stuff. As it was, we just sat there and bit our lips. I mean, she's not exactly stable right now. "

"Glitter" opened nationwide on Friday.

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The Band That Saved Rock And Roll

SingerA multi-platinum artist will be releasing a follow-up to their last album in the coming weeks. "Something just clicked this time around." Said the singer and primary songwriter "We were in the studio for about eight weeks with a producer and it just seemed natural for us to be back together, doing what we do best. It felt really good."

Reportedly a return to their roots, the new album features a starker sound, much like their multi-platinum debut. "We felt it was important to get back to what we're all about." said the singer. Their last album met with lukewarm reviews with consumers and critics alike, selling only a fraction of what the previous albums had sold. The singer said "Experimentation has always been a hallmark of this band, but it's possible to get too far away from what really moves you and that's what we're trying to recapture on this album."

Due to the recent terrorist attacks on the U.S., the band decided to change the name of one of the songs on the album to avoid offending anyone. "We felt it best." said the singer "Even though, it is really against terrorism, we wouldn't want to be misunderstood."

The album hits shelves later this year.

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Islam, What Up With That?

Music network, MTV, will begin airing a special program explaining Islam to its audience on Wednesday. The program, entitled "Islam. What Up With That?" preaches tolerance of the world's third largest religion.

VJ Iann Robinson explained "With all that's been going on the world, we thought it was important to enlighten our viewers about this great religion. What most of our viewers don't know is that even though these bearded guys in turbans are Islamic, so are a lot of black guys here in America. We think that if viewers knew that black guys in America were Islamic, they would be a lot more into it, like hip-hop and big pants, ya know?"

The program also features interviews with many of today's hottest artists, such as Mandy Moore, Dream, Sum 41 and Alien Ant Farm. "I'm totally into Islam." said Moore "I know a lot of Islamic people and I get along with all of them. Most of my security guys are Islamic. I just wish everyone could know that these people are all about peace and keeping people secure."

"I think, if we do our job, thousands of white, suburban teenagers will be praying at their local mosques in no time." said Robinson.

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