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RRC is proud to announce a new line of magazines aimed at music fans of all genres.

On The Road Magazine

<Click cover for larger version>

On The Road

With jam-bands as popular as ever, RRC taps into Jam Band/Pansexual/Vegan/Earth Nut/Wiccan/Drug Aficionado market with our newest monthly! Pick it up at a natural food store, head shop or feminist bookstore near you!

Nightshade Magazine

<Click cover for larger version>

NightShade Magazine

RRC's latest publishing venture caters to the Goth plus-sized single mom.

Bling Magnazeem

<Click cover for larger version>

BLING! Magnazeem

For the newly wealthy hip-hop artist on the go. Includes handy fashion and lifestyle tips as well as product and firearm reviews.

EMOnthly Magazine

<Click cover for larger version>


Aimed specifically at the booming EMO market but NOT an EMO Magazine!. EMOnthly features profiles and interviews with the most obscure bands and artists possible. EMOnthly promises to make Alternative Press look like US Magazine.

Mook Magazine

<Click cover for larger version>


For the rap/rock loving, date-raping, specially educated Limp Bizkit fan in your family. MOOK covers topics of specific interest to the average Mook such as "Uncles Who Touched Your Butthole: Forgive or Kill?" and "Neon and Chrome: The Street Racer Story."


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