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Fake News Archives - All of the fake news stories from the past.

Rock And Roll Heaven - If there's a rock and roll heaven, it probably sucks.

Where We Been At? - After a long absence, Head Douchebag, OG, explains it all.

Kids Draw The Music - Grade schoolers interpret today's music through art.

Who Is Cheesefries? - We attempt, once again, to find one of our most enigmatic Douchebags.

TRIBEUT CONCERT PLANNED - What to expect when local band dudes throw a tribute concert.

Local Band Haikus - Haiku written by local band dudes.

Local Band Haikus II - More Haiku by local band dudes.

So You're Going To Be On CRIBS - We help you make your first appearance on MTV's CRIBS the best it can be.

CreepOutClub - We spoof MakeOutClub.

CreepOutClub II - We spoof MakeOutClub some more.

RRC Reading Room - We introduce our new line of niche magazines.

Death Of An Icon - We lament the demise of "the devil horns".

Where Is The Mohawk Guy? - We attempt to find one of our Douchebags.

How Not To Be A Douchebag - We're Here To Help.


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